Company Data


This database contains all the companies registered in the Trade Register with our Chamber of Commerce, the Niederrheinische IHK Duisburg-Wesel-Kleve, unless the companies objected to the publication of their data. Individual entrepreneurs were included upon their demand to be published in the database.

All data contained in this database, other than the regular data in the Register of Trade, are based on voluntary information provided by the relevant companies. The data are published without any liability regarding their accuracy and integrity. The like, any links were inserted by the companies themselves.

We hereby expressly indicate that it does not contain any recommendation or evaluation on the accuracy, topicality or usability of the information published on third-party websites.

We further indicate that the data referring to companies member to the Chamber of Commerce, the Niederrheinische IHK, which are published on the Internet, may exclusively be used to promote business relations and other purposes for economic trade. By pressing "Accept", you agree with these conditions of use.